Seminar Bell Beaker interaction 

22nd – 23rd October 2015, D411, Humanisten

Bell Beaker Interaction

BB Sjogren BB Salinova BB Parker Pearson BB Montgomery BB Heyd BB Frei BB Allentoft

Open Lecture 12th March 2015 Lilla Hörsalen, Humanisten, Gothenburg

Tools, Textiles and Contexts. Investigating Textile Production in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean Bronze Age.

Marie-Louise Nosch and Eva Andersson Strand

See full open program of Textile production and trade in Europe during the second millennium BC

poster March 2015


Seminar on Long distances trade

2nd October 2014, 10-16:30

Room C402, Humanisten, University of Gothenburg

10-11 Professor M. Rowlands, University College London and Assoc. Prof Johan Ling, Gothenburg Univeristy, Long-distance trade and comparative advantage in the Bronze Age and beyond

11-12 Dr. Lorenz Rahmstorf, Saxo Institute, Copenhagen University, Valuation in Bronze Age trade.

12-13 Lunch

13-14 Dr. Richard J. Chacon, Department of Sociology and Anthropology Winthrop University, Chumash Long Distance Trade

14-15 Professor Matthew Spriggs, The Australian National University, Migration or Exchange? Movement of goods during times of rapid cultural change, a pacific example

15-15:30 Coffee

15:30-16:30 Discussion

Humans, Animals, Mobilities
– exploring new socioeconomic constellations in the 3rd millennium BCE

9th – 11th April 2014, Foredragssalen, Moesgård, Humans, Animals, Mobilities – programme

Organized by the research programme Materials, Culture and Heritage, Aarhus University in cooperation with the ERC-project The Rise of Bronze Age Societies, Gothenburg University

Bronze Age Seminars spring 2014 at the Department of History Gothenburg

The Rise researcher Serena Sabatini will hold a seminar on the Investigations of the Bronze Age textile tools from Midea, Argolis, Greece and the Terramara of Montale, Italy: preliminary results. Friday 14th of March at 13-15, D404 Humanisten

Poster landscape semianar 2014

 Landscape history revisited: Vegetation and settlements from the 3rd millennium BC to Christ in Scandinavia 5 -6th February 2014


Successfully held seminar days about settlements and landscape history with 40 participants

We would like to thank the speakers and audience for making it two very interesting and thought provoking days. Hope to see you all soon.


Photo S. Bergerbrant
Lisbeth Prøsch-Danielsen: Different landscapes –¬ changes in agrarian practices from 4000 BC to AD 1 with focus on western Norway, seen from a botanical point of view
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Marie Kanstrup: Agriculture practices in the late Neolithic and Bronze Age
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Jens-Henrik Bech: Thy and the Bronze Age landscape
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Dietrich Meier: Archaeological and palaeobotanical research on Bronze Age landscape and settlements in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Almuth Alsleben: Archaeological and palaeobotanical research on Bronze Age landscape and settlements in Schleswig-Holstein, Northern Germany
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Bent Vad Odgaard: Vegetation development in Denmark during the 2nd and 1st millennium
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Marianne Rasmusen Lindgaard: Herder Communities Landscape organization in Southwestern Jutland in the Early Bronze Age
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Martin Mikkelsen: The role of unfree families in the herder communities landscape organization from the Late Neolithic to the very Early Iron Age in Northwestern Jutland
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Maria Peterson: Grazing lands through time
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Marie-José Gaillard: The cultural landscape of the 2nd and 1st millennia BC in southern Sweden seen in the perspective of the environmental history of the last 11000 years and the land-use history of NW European
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Geoffrey Lemdahl: Late Neolithic and Bronze Age landscapes in Central Småland reconstructed by using insect analysis
Photo S. Bergerbrant
Peter Skoglund: Scanian settlements in the 2nd and 1st millennium BC